Who Will Be The Champion? PJ March Madness’ Final Round Begins!

And then there were two.

The votes have been tallied, and our Political Junkie March Madness tournament has been whittled down to a Battle of the Pauls. Senator Rand Paul and Congressman Paul Ryan are the two candidates left in our grand challenge to predict who the Republican Party’s 2016 nominee will be.

Now it’s time to determine the winner of this year’s Political Junkie March Madness once-and-for-all! So make sure you cast your vote before Tuesday, April 8 at 11:00 pm EDT to help your favorite candidate get to the finish line!

PJ March Madness - Championship Bracket

Semifinals Voting Results

CHAMPIONSHIP FACE-OFF: #1 Rand Paul vs. #3 Paul Ryan
Rand Paul – 57.9%
Chris Christie – 42.1%

Rob Portman – 40.8%
Paul Ryan – 59.2%

Semifinals Brief Analysis

Chris Christie is out. Although maybe it wasn’t fair to put him in the same league as Rand Paul, who has carried the momentum through every round of our tournament thus far. Based on the predictions you sent into us last week, Senator Paul is the heavy favorite to win our tournament.

But don’t discount Paul Ryan yet. He may not have provided enough boost to the Romney camp in 2012 to help them succeed, but he has also managed to carry through to our final round after some formidable match-ups in his own right.

Which Paul will win it all? Only your votes in our final round will tell the tale…

–Douglas Bell, Political Junkie Web Producer
(Ken will offer his overall analysis of our contest after our championship is named on Thursday.)

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