Who Will Be The First GOP Candidate To Drop Out?

It’s August, so that means it’s time for a Political Junkie contest.

As we all know, there are 17 Republican candidates for president.  Not everyone will make it to Iowa and New Hampshire.  Or maybe they will.  Nonetheless, someone will still be the first to drop out.  Which one will it be?  Send us your prediction!

The earliest correct answer will win a genuine “Nixon’s the One!” button and bumper sticker from 1968. The winner will also be able to come on our Political Junkie program and brag.

Contest ends Monday, August 31. Send your prediction to contest@krpoliticaljunkie.com.

2 thoughts on “Who Will Be The First GOP Candidate To Drop Out?”

  1. RIck Perry. He was overshadowed by Fiorina in the happy hour debate on August 6, which virtually ruined his chances of getting on the main stage in September, he does not benefit from the Trump factor, and has a strong fellow Texan candidate to throw his support behind in Ted Cruz. Plus the more he fades in popularity as time goes on, the less his endorsement will be worth. He has nothing to gain from continuing very long.


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