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There are still some races from Tuesday’s midterms that have yet to be called, but right now that isn’t our biggest worry.  It’s trying to figure out which candidates these buttons represent.

As our fellow political junkies know, for some time now we’ve been showing photos of unknown buttons, arranged alphabetically by candidate names, for you to help identify.  We can’t make heads or tails of these candidates, most of whom we’ve never heard of.  And when we see a “Smith for Congress” or a “Jones for Senator” button, how do we know which Smith or which Jones?  So we’ve been posting pictures of these buttons, hoping you will have the answer.  Often, you have come through, which is most appreciated.

Thus far, we’ve completed the first 15 letters of the alphabet.  (Check out our previous “Who Dats”:  Unknowns beginning with the Letter A, Letter B, two pages for Letter C (here and here), Letter D, Letter E, Letter FLetter G, Letter HLetter I, Letter J, Letter K, Letter L, Letter M, Letter N and Letter O)  We even have one of buttons with pictures only — no names.  That’s even harder to decipher.

We now bring you to the Letter P.  Yes, we finally got up to P.  All you have to do is help with the identification of these buttons.  Thanks! 

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  1. Ed. I. Palmer says:

    The only “P” I can recognize is “I like Pike” for Pike Powers, a Beaumont area politician. Can’t recognize any others from the Texas area. The 2006 Powers button is too contemporary.

  2. Joe says:

    “Vote for Pedro” looks to be a gag pin referencing the movie Napoleon Dynamite:

  3. John Pohlhaus (D-MD) for Congress – 1934 primary

  4. The red/white Phil button looks like the one State Treasurer Phil Angelides (D-CA) when he ran for Governor in 2006. Perhaps he also used that design in his Treasurer race too.

  5. PELLETIER = Joseph C. Pelletier (D-MA) for Governor – 1912 primary

  6. Richard Parrish (Socialist-NY) for NYC City Council – 1963

  7. As for the green PETTIT FOR CONGRESS button, I have one in the same design but blue/white for attorney A. Dwight Petitt (D-MD) 1986 – primary, so I presume the green one is also his.

  8. Richard Pfeil (R-IN) for Congress – 1980 primary

  9. Steve McKee says:

    Vote for Pedro is from the movie “Napoleon Dynamite”

  10. Paul Schwartz says:

    Agree on the Phil and Pettit pins

  11. Larry Brokofsky says:

    Pelofsky for mayor – Joel Pelofsky, 1978 in Kansas City, Missouri.

  12. Larry Brokofsky says:

    Patterson for Governor is Jack H. Patterson, 1940 Republican from North Dakota.

  13. Larry Brokofsky says:

    Pavey for Mayor – Don’t know when, but he is a primary loser from Bridgeport, Connecticut.

  14. Bob Witkin says:

    My educated guess is that Vote for Pedro refers to the student body election in the movie “Napoleon Dynamite”

  15. Joe Masi says:

    Richard Purdue Westchester County (NY)Executive 1965 VS Ed Michelian.

  16. Kay Gilbert says:

    Vote for Pedro is from the school election in Napoleon Dynamite.

  17. Sm Patterson for US Senate is California. Ellis

  18. primeny711 says:

    Ernie Preate was Lackawana County DA & later was PA Attorney General. Elaine Platt ran for Assembly on the East Side of Manhattan in 1978 but lost

  19. Daniel Fox says:

    Noble J. Puffer – there couldn’t be two people named that, right? – was Cook County, Ill. Superintendent of Schools, 1934-46 and 1950-66. He was a Democrat.

  20. Pat Kehoe says:

    Otto A Piggott – (D) ran unsuccessfully for Wisconsin state senate 18th district in 1904. I come across this button every once in awhile here in Wisconsin.

  21. David C.F. Ray says:

    Ken — Poillucci might very well be A. Vic Poillucci (full name: Albert Victor Alphonse Poillucci), a Republican who ran for Prince William County Supervisor from the Neabsco District in 1991 and 1995, losing to incumbent Democrat John D. Jenkins each time.

  22. David C.F. Ray says:

    Prince William County, Virginia, of course.

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