Who Dat? – O

It’s St. Patrick’s Day!  For all the O’Briens and O’Connors and O’Donnells out celebrating today, we figured it’s the perfect time to offer up a display of “unknown” campaign buttons starting with the letter “O.”

As our fellow political junkies know, for some time now we’ve been showing photos of unknown buttons, arranged alphabetically by candidate names, for you to help identify.  We can’t make heads or tails of these candidates, most of whom we’ve never heard of.  And when we see a “Smith for Congress” or a “Jones for Senator” button, how do we know which Smith or which Jones?  So we’ve been posting pictures of these buttons, hoping you will have the answer.  Often, you have come through, which is most appreciated.

Thus far, we’ve completed the first 14 letters of the alphabet.  (Check out our previous “Who Dats”:  Unknowns beginning with the Letter A, Letter B, two pages for Letter C (here and here), Letter D, Letter E, Letter F, Letter G, Letter H, Letter I, Letter J, Letter K, Letter L, Letter M and Letter N.)  We even have one of buttons with pictures only — no names.  That’s even harder to decipher.

We now bring you to the Letter O.  And on the perfect holiday.  All you have to do is help with the identification of these buttons.  Thanks!  (See bottom for some notes.)

Some notes:

ROW 2 — The fifth button reads, “Charles S. Owen/Councilman-At-Large.”  This may be from Rochester, N.Y.  The sixth button, a little blurry, reads, “O’Donnell for Circuit Court Judge.”

ROW 3 — The first button may be from Boston in the 1950s.


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