Who Dat? – C (Part 1)

In using illustrations of campaign buttons to accompany these political postings, we have often come across buttons whose origins have escaped us.  Thus, every now and then we’re going to post some of these unknown items, in the hope that you can identify some of them.

Here’s another selection of campaign items of candidates whose last name begins with a “C.”  Does anyone know who these folks are?

unknown Cs 001

8 thoughts on “Who Dat? – C (Part 1)”

  1. I don’t recognize any of them, except the one 3 up on the right side looks like maybe it belongs in your “G” grouping instead of “C”. Based on the color and the small serifs, it looks more like Goldey than Coldey.

  2. I believe the Crowley for Congress was for Walter Crowley who ran for Congress in Queens to succeed Geraldine Ferraro. He lost but bis nephew, Joe, now holds that seat.

  3. Alvin C. Cast, the Indiana GOP state chairman in the ’50s, was a candidate for the GOP nomination for Lieutenant Governor at the state convention in 1960. I’d bet that’s his button in the second row.

  4. Could the “Collins Attorney General” button be from the 1966 campaign of Republican Donald Collins, for Alabama AG?


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