Episode #34: Money talks, immigration walks

Howard Baker has died.  The former Senate Republican majority leader was 88 years old and was admired and respected by members of both parties.  Tom Griscom, his former press secretary, shares his memories of the late Tennessee lawmaker. And immigration legislation is dead too.  Republicans blame President Obama for the stalemate, saying they don’t trust …

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Today’s Nebraska GOP Senate Primary May Not Follow Usual Script

What’s a primary day without talking about the dramatic Tea Party vs. Establishment feuds going on in the Republican Party? Today’s primary in Nebraska, however, is more nuanced, as the leading candidates are just about equally conservative.  There’s more to it than what we’ve seen in other states. The story line from the beginning fit …

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Your Guide To The May Primaries

So we’ve had our little teases.  A Texas primary here, an Illinois primary there.  Throw in a couple of special congressional elections.  Nice, but hardly satisfying. Well, starting this month, the primaries come non-stop:  three states on Tuesday the 6th, two on the 13th and six more on the 20th.  And let’s not forget the …

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