Most Eyes On Florida & Wisconsin Among 36 Governor Races

With most attention this year squarely on which party will control the Senate, it is understandable that the 36 states holding gubernatorial elections are taking a back seat.  But between the recent “fangate” flap in Florida and the presidential hopes of Wisconsin’s Scott Walker — not to mention that two of the last three presidents …

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Odds Still Say GOP Takes Senate, But Wild Cards Remain

If you’re a partisan — a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat or Republican — you’re probably a nervous wreck these days.  With just over two weeks to go and with all the twists and turns and surprises, the battle for the Senate is nothing short of nail-biting-to-the-bone, if not heart-stopping. If you’re a political junkie — like we …

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Episode #47: Ebola Blame Game, S. Dakota Stunner

If politics can get you sick, and Ebola can get you very sick, then what happens when Ebola and politics collide? Both parties are pointing fingers at each other as to who’s responsible: Democrats blame Republicans, claiming that their budget cutting votes hurt the country’s ability to fully fund the Centers for Disease Control. The …

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