Episode #47: Ebola Blame Game, S. Dakota Stunner

If politics can get you sick, and Ebola can get you very sick, then what happens when Ebola and politics collide? Both parties are pointing fingers at each other as to who’s responsible: Democrats blame Republicans, claiming that their budget cutting votes hurt the country’s ability to fully fund the Centers for Disease Control. The …

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Year Of The Incumbent? Certainly In The Primaries

Both parties are expecting some amount of turnover in November, especially in Senate races, but also in contests for governor and the House. But it’s hard to recall a season in which so few incumbents got knocked off in the primaries. Not counting Louisiana, which holds its “jungle” primary on election day, there are seven …

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Episode #39: Indicting Perry, second-guessing cops

The political bombshell of the week was the indictment of Rick Perry on two felony charges of abusing his power and office. It came as the Texas governor was in the last months of his term and as he was preparing a second run for the White House. Republicans say Perry is the victim of …

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