Episode #36: Plagiarism, leaks, & deathbed wishes

With less than a hundred days to go before Election Day, we decided to bring Cook Political Report analyst Jennifer Duffy on the show to preview the major contests for the Senate at stake this year. Jennifer is not willing to go beyond saying that it’s a “50-50” chance the Republicans win a majority… a …

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Episode #35: Obamacare in court, Ga. GOP picks Perdue

Not all the fights heard on the Political Junkie are at the ballot box.  Some are in court — as we saw this week, in the latest attempt by opponents of the Affordable Care Act to gut the measure in the D.C. Circuit Court.  Julie Rovner, a senior correspondent at Kaiser Health News, talks about …

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Episode #28: Republican Old Guard Wins Big

A solid primary Tuesday for the Republican Old Guard, and a perfect day for incumbents — not one sitting member of Congress or governor went down, though several were thought to be endangered not long ago. The big primaries of the week were the Senate contests in Kentucky and Georgia. Al Cross of the Louisville …

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