Episode #48: Early Voting, Early Bedtime

Lest we forget, it’s not just candidates whom we’re voting for (or against!) this year. It’s also hundreds of ballot initiatives, propositions and referenda that voters will weigh in on as well — everything from raising the minimum wage to legalizing pot to a tax on high calorie soda. Reid Wilson of the Washington Post …

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Episode #34: Money talks, immigration walks

Howard Baker has died.  The former Senate Republican majority leader was 88 years old and was admired and respected by members of both parties.  Tom Griscom, his former press secretary, shares his memories of the late Tennessee lawmaker. And immigration legislation is dead too.  Republicans blame President Obama for the stalemate, saying they don’t trust …

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What To Look For In Today’s Primaries

It’s the biggest primary day of the year (so far), with six states holding contests.  Here’s what’s at stake: ARKANSAS (polls close at 8:30 pm ET): Senate — Neither incumbent Democrat Mark Pryor, seeking a second term, nor his Republican challenger, freshman Rep. Tom Cotton, is facing a primary challenge.  They will square off in …

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Episode #27: On to May 20 & back to 1987

It’s going to be a long primary season.  So maybe we should decide right now that the strength and influence of the Tea Party should not be determined on a week-to-week basis. As Roseann Moring of the Omaha World-Herald reports, the landslide victory of first-time candidate Ben Sasse in the Nebraska GOP Senate primary was heralded as a big win for …

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Your Guide To The May Primaries

So we’ve had our little teases.  A Texas primary here, an Illinois primary there.  Throw in a couple of special congressional elections.  Nice, but hardly satisfying. Well, starting this month, the primaries come non-stop:  three states on Tuesday the 6th, two on the 13th and six more on the 20th.  And let’s not forget the …

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Episode #15: Politics of Immigration Reform in California, Senate Fights in Kentucky and Montana, and Remembering Shirley Temple

The decision by the House Republican leadership to postpone any discussion about getting an immigration bill on the floor — ostensibly because the GOP doesn’t trust President Obama — has had its greatest political effect in California. Cathleen Decker of the Los Angeles Times joins Political Junkie host Ken Rudin to talk about what it …

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