Taking Down A Republican Senator (In The Primary)

One thing we learned this week is that it’s not easy to defeat a House majority leader in a primary.  Before David Brat took out Eric Cantor on Tuesday, it hasn’t happened since … well, ever. But it has been becoming more commonplace lately to defeat Republican senators in a primary.  It happened twice in …

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Your Guide To The May Primaries

So we’ve had our little teases.  A Texas primary here, an Illinois primary there.  Throw in a couple of special congressional elections.  Nice, but hardly satisfying. Well, starting this month, the primaries come non-stop:  three states on Tuesday the 6th, two on the 13th and six more on the 20th.  And let’s not forget the …

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Episode #23: Wild politics in LA & ME, LBJ’s comeback

With the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act — and with the revived reputation of President Lyndon Johnson — comparisons between LBJ and Barack Obama are being made.  Johnson, who left office in 1969 with the cloud of Vietnam hanging over him, is remembered as a master tactician who, with huge Democratic majorities in Congress, pushed a …

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