Episode #33: Comebacks — Mississippi & Mrs. Rudin

Two weeks ago we were astonished that Eric Cantor, a well-situated House incumbent from Virginia, could get defeated in his primary.  Now we’re astonished that Thad Cochran, the six-term Republican senator from Mississippi, could pull out a victory against his tea party-backed opponent.  Whether incumbents are winning or losing, it’s the latest example of a …

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Episode #30: Primary ballots & Bergdahl politics

It was the race the tea party wanted from the beginning.  And while they didn’t completely accomplish their goal, they are thought to be on their way. In six-term Sen. Thad Cochran, tea party conservatives saw a politician from the old school, who spent a career fighting for earmarks and pork projects for Mississippi and who …

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Episode #26: Tea Party & Benghazi here to stay

At long last, the 2014 primaries are here.  And everyone is watching the ongoing collision between establishment Republicans and Tea Party insurgents. Speaker John Boehner, no friend of the Tea Party, won handily in his Ohio district.  Thom Tillis, the establishment choice for the Senate in North Carolina, beat back his conservative opponents and won the nomination …

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