It’s ScuttleButton Time! – 6/13/14

Scuttle_061314I saw the news that Texas Gov. Rick Perry compared homosexuality to alcoholism.  That obviously leads to his next dilemma, whether or not to be drinking Mount Gay rum.   And that, probably, is the worst segue in the history of ScuttleButton.

How to Play
ScuttleButton, as you may know, is that weekly waste of time exercise where we post a vertical sequence of campaign buttons. Your job is to take one word (or concept) per button and add ’em up to arrive at a famous name or familiar expression. Guess the correct phrase and you could be the proud winner of the coveted Political Junkie button!

Good luck!

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Macon (map of Georgia) I Lovett! — Billy Lovett sought the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in 1982.

Woo for Senate — S.B. Woo was the Democratic nominee against Sen. Bill Roth (R-Del.) in 1988 and got clobbered in the process.

George P. Bush for Texas Land Commissioner — The young of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, George P. is running statewide in Texas in 2014.

So, when you add Macon + Woo + P, you kinda get …

Makin’ Whoopee.  The Eddie Cantor (not Eric Cantor) jazz song from 1929 that has been covered by a score of people.  Wikipedia says “makin’ whoopee” is a “euphemism for sexual intimacy.”  That’s one way of putting it.  Anyway, this week’s randomly selected winner is … James McCrackan of Evanston, Ill.  James gets the coveted Political Junkie button.

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