Predict The Finish In Iowa

The Iowa caucuses are TWO WEEKS AWAY!  Now’s the time — the only time — to predict the order of the Democratic caucus finish.  The first person to accurately predict the finish wins a Political Junkie t-shirt!  (And maybe we’ll throw in a campaign button from a previous Iowa winner!)  Send your picks to [email protected].  The deadline is Tuesday, Jan. 21, at midnight Eastern time.  Good luck!

— Michael Bennet

— Joe Biden

— Michael Bloomberg

— Pete Buttigieg

— John Delaney

— Tulsi Gabbard

— Amy Klobuchar

— Deval Patrick

— Bernie Sanders

— Tom Steyer

— Elizabeth Warren

— Andrew Yang


1 thought on “Predict The Finish In Iowa”

  1. 1st is: Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, Tulsi Gabbard, Michael Bennet, John Delaney and Deval Patrick


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