The Population Bowl: Florida Gets By New York

In the scheme of things, it may be more about bragging rights than anything else.

As the Miami Herald told it, Florida Gov. Rick Scott couldn’t contain himself.  “Today’s news of Florida officially becoming the third most populous state is exciting,” he said on Tuesday.  “I look forward to more people and more job creators moving to Florida in the near future.”

The New York Times was more non-plussed.  “We’re No. 4!” is how the Gray Lady led the story.

Either way, it’s official.  Florida has now elbowed New York into fourth place in population.  In July, when the count was completed, the Sunshine State gained nearly 300,000 residents in the previous 12 months, compared to just over 50,000 for the Empire State.  The new total: 19.9 million residents for Florida, 19.7 million for New York.  It is, perhaps, a bit of pride for the new #3 and some regret for #4.  (California and Texas remain one-two, with 53 and 36 House seats respectively.)  In any event, here’s a quick look at the change of the two states’ congressional delegations, how they got from there to here, going back to the 1950 census.

Among those who served in the House from the two states include New Yorkers Bella Abzug (D) and John Lindsay (R) and Floridians Claude Pepper (D) and Connie Mack (R).
Among those who served in the House from the two states include New Yorkers Bella Abzug (D) and John Lindsay (R) and Floridians Claude Pepper (D) and Connie Mack (R).


New York House seats: 43 (-2 from 1950)

— Party breakdown:  27R, 16D

— Rising stars:  Adam Clayton Powell Jr. (D), Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr. (D), Jacob Javits (R), Kenneth Keating (R), William Miller (R)

Florida House seats:  8 (+2 from 1950)

— Party breakdown:  8D, 0R


New York House seats:  41 (-2)

— Party breakdown:  21R, 20D

— Rising stars:  Hugh Carey (D), John Lindsay (R), William Ryan (D), Ogden Reid (R), Sam Stratton (D), Charles Goodell (R)

Florida House seats:  12 (+4)

— Party breakdown:  10D, 2 R

— Rising stars:  Claude Pepper (D), Ed Gurney (R), Bill Cramer (R)


New York House seats:  39 (-2)

— Party breakdown:  22D, 17R

— Rising stars:  Mario Biaggi (D), Shirley Chisholm (D), Elizabeth Holtzman (D), Ed Koch (D), Charles Rangel (D), Bella Abzug (D), Herman Badillo (D), Jonathan Bingham (D), Hamilton Fish Jr. (R), Jack Kemp (R)

Florida House seats:  15 (+3)

— Party breakdown:  11D, 4R

— Rising stars:  Bill Gunter (D), Bill Young (R), Lou Frey (R), Skip Bafalis (R)


New York House seats:  34 (-5)

— Party breakdown:  20D, 14R

— Rising stars:  Tom Downey (D), Geraldine Ferraro (D), Charles Schumer (D), Stephen Solarz (D), Bill Green (R), Ted Weiss (D)

Florida House seats:  19 (+4)

— Party breakdown:  13D, 6R

— Rising stars:  Bill McCollum (R), Buddy MacKay (D), Bill Nelson (D), Connie Mack III (R), Clay Shaw (R)


New York House seats:  31 (-3)

— Party breakdown:  18D, 13R

— Rising stars:  Rick Lazio (R), Peter King (R), Floyd Flake (D), Susan Molinari (R), Nita Lowey (D), Bill Paxon (R), Louise Slaughter (D)

Florida House seats:  23 (+4)

— Party breakdown:  12R, 11D

— Rising stars:  Porter Goss (R), Jim Bacchus (D), Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R), Peter Deutsch (D), Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R), Alcee Hastings (D)


New York House seats:  29 (-2)

— Party breakdown:  19D, 10R

— Rising stars: Steve Israel (D), Carolyn McCarthy (D), Anthony Weiner (D), Vito Fossella (R)

Florida House seats:  25 (+2)

— Party breakdown:  18R, 7D

— Rising stars:  Adam Putnam (R), Katherine Harris (R), Mark Foley (R), Robert Wexler (D)


New York House seats:  27 (-2)

— Party breakdown:  21D, 6R

— Rising stars:  Hakeem Jeffries (D), Michael Grimm (R), Tom Reed (R), Dan Maffei (D)

Florida House seats: 27 (+2)

— Party breakdown:  17R, 10D

— Rising stars: Ted Yoho (R), Alan Grayson (D), Patrick Murphy (D), Ted Deutch (D), Lois Frankel (D), Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D), Joe Garcia (D)

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