Episode #9 On The Budget Deal And The Continuing GOP Family Feud

Republicans in Congress were prepared to agree to a fairly innocuous budget deal with the Democrats with little fuss, if for no reason other than they can get the focus back on the problems with the Affordable Care Act, President Obama’s continuing slide in the polls, and Democratic nervousness for 2014.  But many conservatives were not willing to play ball, as outside groups lobbied against the deal and Senate Republicans for the most part — including much of the Senate GOP leadership — voted against it.  All of which made House Speaker John Boehner not a particularly happy man.  Host Ken Rudin talks to Washington Post political reporter Aaron Blake about the week’s political news, as well as with conservative strategist Keith Appell, who argues that Republican leaders have, once again, sold their souls.

Plus:  a new trivia question, and “this day in history” brings us back to Joe Wilson — he of “You lie!” notoriety — coming to Congress.

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