Episode #8 On Congress & South Africa In The ’80s, And Sen. Thad Cochran Runs Again

The passing of Nelson Mandela brought this week’s Political Junkie show back to the mid-1980s, when Washington was split over how to deal with the white minority government of South Africa and its policy of apartheid. Host Ken Rudin talks with two former members of Congress who served on the House Foreign Affairs Committee back then, a committee that was in the forefront of calling for sanctions against Pretoria and battling the Reagan administration in the process. Democrats Howard Berman of California and Robert Garcia of New York reminisce about their role in the debate over sanctions. And in the longer, podcast version this week, we also go to the Deep South and speak with Joe Nosef, the chair of the Mississippi Republican Party, about the somewhat-of-a-surprise-decision by GOP Sen. Thad Cochran to seek a seventh term in 2014. Cochran faces a potentially serious Tea Party challenger next year, and that brings us to the final conversation this week, with Time magazine correspondent Alex Altman, about the increasing number of “establishment” Republicans being challenged by younger and more conservative candidates in the primaries.

Plus: a new trivia question, and we go back in time to Charles Lindbergh and the America First Committee before and after Pearl Harbor.

8 thoughts on “Episode #8 On Congress & South Africa In The ’80s, And Sen. Thad Cochran Runs Again”

  1. I’m so glad you’re back. it hasn’t been the same without your program. Now i can wear my teeshirt again. Will spread the word!

  2. I am so happy that the Political Junkie is back! However, the only thing I can find on the iTunes store is his chat with Minnesota Public radio (about 10 min per week) and his chat with Capital Public Radio in CA. I would love to be able to get the 26 minute podcasts on my iPhone but I can’t find it on iTunes! Does anyone know how to get them?

    • The Political Junkie podcast will start to appear on iTunes very very soon — along with all previous episodes. Stay tunes’d!


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