Episode #7: Health Care Website Woes & Congressional Budget Talks

We know for certain that President Obama pardoned a turkey this Thanksgiving. But is Healthcare.gov a turkey as well? Host Ken Rudin speaks with Washington Post reporter Reid Wilson about the mangled launch of the site and the Obama administration’s hopes that it’ll succeed before the midterms. Ken also talks to Janet Hook, congressional correspondent for the Wall Street Journal, about the ongoing House-Senate conference committee on the budget, and the teeny tiny agreement that’s likely to come.

Plus: another trivia question, “this day in history” with Herman Cain, and more!

4 thoughts on “Episode #7: Health Care Website Woes & Congressional Budget Talks”

  1. Ken

    I’m a long time listener of you on NPR so I was disappointed to hear such a right leaning analysis of the ACA. I think you were leaning right along with your guest. If this is a sign of what’s ahead on your podcast you will lose me as a subscriber.


    • Glenn the news is what it is, Ken Rudin is not a commentator in my experience that only tells his audience what they want to hear nor should you seek your “news” from the type of people who get paid to tell their audience what they want to hear. That’s what Fox News and Rush Limbaugh do.

      • I think you’re absolutely correct Sam. Glenn, the best part of TOTN and The Political Junkie Podcast were their clean reporting and intelligent conjecture. They questioned on the side of logic and sound decision-making, not just specifically on the “left”.

    • Overall the show appeared slightly to the right simply because Mr. Wilson is a rightwing report. All political shows should have guests from each side and the political junkie features a good mix of right and left. Ken asked the appropriate questions which provided some insight into the current hopes of Republicans concerning the ACA. Great job as always Ken.


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