Episode #6: Nuclear in Iran and in the Senate

The word of the week is “nuclear,” and the latest Political Junkie show is all over it.  We speak with Cameron Abadi, an editor for Foreign Affairs magazine, about the accord signed by the United States and five other nations regarding Iran’s nuclear energy program. Then we head on to the Senate, where the majority Democrats, frustrated with Republican filibusters of President Obama’s nominees, reduced the number of senators needed to stop the gabfests from 60 to 51, employing what is called the “nuclear option.” John Pitney, a politics professor at Claremont McKenna College, discusses how the move has infuriated Republicans and endangers working relationships between the two parties – not that the relationship was so good to begin with.

Plus: a new trivia question, the winner of last week’s ScuttleButton contest, and a “This Day in History” segment featuring former House Speaker Dennis Hastert.

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