Episode #13: On The State Of The Union… Plus, La. Gov. & Jerry Brown Redux

The State of the Union is … strong.  And so is this week’s Political Junkie show.  Former Clinton speechwriter Paul Glastris joins us with an assessment of President Obama’s SOTU speech and keen insights from his days in the White House.  And host Ken Rudin takes Paul back into history with memorable moments of past State of the Union messages.

Later, in the extended podcast version, Ken visits with Louisiana analyst John Maginnis about Sen. David Vitter’s decision to seek the governorship of the Pelican State, and then heads west to talk to Sacramento consultant Steve Swatt to discuss California’s comeback under Gov. Jerry Brown.

Plus:  a new trivia question, and “this day in history” brings us back to the Watergate scandal.

Podcast artwork generously provided by Mikey Casalaina at evolvedmonkey.com

1 thought on “Episode #13: On The State Of The Union… Plus, La. Gov. & Jerry Brown Redux”

  1. Re: Immagration reform–the only reason the Republicans want to stall or delay citizenship is because they do not want 11 million more voters that are likely to back Democrats by 80%


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