Political Junkie March Madness is Back!

Five years ago, we asked you, our wonderful Political Junkie fans, to participate in a great celebration of democracy and timely sports metaphors. Our first Political Junkie March Madness pool in 2009 gave you the chance to predict the GOP’s nominee for 2012.

Well, we are excited to announce that Political Junkie March Madness has returned!

Once again, the question of who the Republican Party’s nominee will be in 2016 is practically a free-for-all. And with the real March Madness heating up (and almost everybody’s brackets having been ruined already), we invite you to participate in a tournament bracket that you influence directly! Help separate the GOP’s wheat from the chaff, and let’s see how well you predict the 2016 nominee!

The first round of Political Junkie March Madness runs through Thursday, March 27 at 11:00 pm. Head to the Political Junkie March Madness page to view the bracket and cast your votes in each face-off. Voting for subsequent rounds will happen every three days.

Also, between now and Sunday (because after that it would get too easy), you can submit your prediction of who our next champion will be! One lucky winner will be randomly selected among all of the correct submissions to receive a coveted vintage Political Junkie button, and be congratulated on-air.

So what are you waiting for? Go cast your votes!

Political Junkie March Madness - Round of 32 Bracket

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