Episode #4: Neal Conan Reunion, Chris Christie & Obamacare

The old “Talk of the Nation” team of Ken Rudin and Neal Conan gets together in Ken’s Political Junkie program this week to talk about the rise of Chris Christie (which doesn’t make the Tea Party happy) and the problems of the Affordable Care Act (which don’t make Democrats up in 2014 happy).  Also, Colorado political analyst and pollster Floyd Ciruli analyzes what’s going on in his home state, which is under the total control of the Democratic Party but where some are talking about liberal overreach.

5 thoughts on “Episode #4: Neal Conan Reunion, Chris Christie & Obamacare”

  1. It’s only been a few months and the nostalgia was thick! Great show as usual punctuated fantastically by Neal Conan’s initial opening. Well played sirs, well played.

  2. So happy to have Ken and Neal back again. I really miss Talk of the Nation and the Politico Junkie as well as It’s All Politics.

    Any chance turning these podcasts into an actual downloadable podcast thru itunes?

    Keep up the chatter, we’re listening!


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