Newcomer McAllister (R) Wins Special House Race in Louisiana’s 5th CD

Back in August, when Rep. Rodney Alexander (R) announced his resignation to take a job in the administration of Gov. Bobby Jindal, the conventional wisdom was that the next congressman from Louisiana’s 5th District was going to be GOP state Sen. Neil Riser.

It was a logical expectation.  Riser had the backing of nearly everyone in the state’s GOP congressional delegation, including the popular Alexander.  And in the October 19 initial special election, Riser easily was the leading vote-getter, with 32%.  Finishing a distant second, with 18%, was businessman and first-time candidate Vance McAllister, a fellow Republican.

But McAllister, armed with a hefty campaign buy financed by his own personal wealth and the endorsement of the “Duck Dynasty” TV family, beat Riser in Saturday’s (Nov. 16) runoff by more than 17,000 votes — 59.7-40.3 percent.

The current House breakdown is 231 Republicans and 200 Democrats.  Here are the three other current vacancies:

Massachusetts 05 — Rep. Ed Markey (D) was elected to the Senate.  Special election to be held Dec. 10.

Alabama 01 — Rep. Jo Bonner (R) resigned in August.  Special election to be held Dec. 17.

Florida 13 — Rep. C.W. Bill Young (R) died on Oct. 18.  Special election to be held March 11, 2014.

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    • That total doesn’t include the fourth vacancy, the one in Louisiana. Once McAllister is sworn in, we’ll be back to 3 vacancies.


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