New Political Junkie Website Launches

On behalf of Ken and Team PJ, I’m excited to announce that we have officially launched our all-new website for Ken Rudin’s Political Junkie!

We have been working very hard for the past few months to get this new website together, featuring a fresh new look for the show, and a dramatically-improved navigation and layout to make it much easier to find our podcast episodes, weekly columns, ScuttleButton puzzle, and the many other great features available each week on the Political Junkie.

Our new website is lightweight and optimized for modern web standards, and features a fully-responsive design, so it looks great on mobile devices. We have brought back our embedded audio player, which works in all modern web browsers. We’ve made it easier to answer Ken’s ScuttleButton puzzles and trivia questions with embedded submission forms now attached to Ken’s posts. And we have a completely-refreshed home page which makes it quicker than ever to find the latest Political Junkie features at a glance.

This new website is one of many exciting projects that we at Team PJ are working on to build on the success that Political Junkie has had since its launch last October, and take the show to the next level. Over the coming weeks we will be starting a major effort to bolster the show’s reach by pitching to new stations across the country and marketing to new audiences. Our new website marks a major first step towards accomplishing those goals.

We hope you enjoy our new website! If you have any feedback or encounter any unforeseen bugs, please feel free to get in touch with me at [email protected].

–Douglas Bell, Political Junkie Coordinating Producer and Webmaster

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