Name the Running Mates

In February we’ll have the winners in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.

In January we’ll have the winners for … vice president!

We’re talking about the latest Political Junkie contest.

We’ll let the voters decide which candidates should get their respective party’s presidential nomination.  But this month it’s up to you to predict who will be the Democratic and Republican running mates for vice president.  Sure, they’ll officially be nominated at the conventions in July.  But there’s no reason why we can’t start now.

We are talking about two separate winners here, one for each party.  Send us your prediction as to who you think will be the major party VP running mates in 2016.  The earliest correct answers will win a genuine “Nixon’s the One!” button and bumper sticker from 1968. The winner will also be able to come on our Political Junkie program and brag.

One entry per person.  Contest ends Friday, January 29.  Send your picks to

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    • Steve, you need to submit this to the email address listed in the contest instructions, not as a comment to the post. Thanks!


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