It’s ScuttleButton Time!

Robert Mueller says it’s up to you if this week’s ScuttleButton puzzle is difficult or not.  William Webb says it’s not.  I guess it’s settled then.

How to Play
ScuttleButton, as you may know, is that weekly waste-of-time exercise where we post a vertical sequence of campaign buttons.  Your job is to take one word (or concept) per button and add ’em up to arrive at a famous name or familiar expression. Guess the correct phrase and you could be the proud winner of the coveted Political Junkie button!

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Zion National Park — In southwestern Utah.

My President (photo of 1960s Bill Clinton) — I still don’t know if this 1996-era button is pro- or anti-Clinton.

It’s a Boy/Michael Jeffrey Rudin/March 23, 1990 — And he’s getting married in three weeks!

So, when you combine Zion + William + Son, you kinda get …

Zion Williamson.  The great freshman basketball player from Duke University.

And the randomly selected winner is … Carlos Valverde of Los Angeles, Calif.  Carlos wins the coveted Political Junkie button.

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