It’s ScuttleButton Time!

How in the world do you expect the government to reopen if you don’t solve this week’s ScuttleButton puzzle?

How to Play
ScuttleButton, as you may know, is that weekly waste-of-time exercise where we post a vertical sequence of campaign buttons.  Your job is to take one word (or concept) per button and add ’em up to arrive at a famous name or familiar expression. Guess the correct phrase and you could be the proud winner of the coveted Political Junkie button!

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Kopp In — Quentin Kopp was a longtime supervisor in San Francisco and ran for mayor in 1979, losing to Dianne Feinstein.

Let’s Lower the Voting Age to 10 (photo RFK) — The supposition being that Robert Kennedy could only get elected president if kids could vote.

Ann Klein for Governor — A New Jersey Democrat, she sought the nomination in 1973 but lost the primary to Brendan Byrne.

9 Out of 10 Old Mails Prefer the New York Times — If you say so.

Steve Neal is For Me — A North Carolina Democrat, he served in Congress from 1975 until his retirement 20 years later.

So, when you combine Kopp + 10 + Ann + 10 + Neal, you kinda get …

Captain and Tennille.  The then-married singing duet of the 1970s whose captain, Daryl Dragon, died earlier this month.

And the randomly selected winner is … John Dwyer of Venice, Fla.  John wins the coveted Political Junkie button.

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