It’s ScuttleButton Time!

It’s the last ScuttleButton puzzle of the year.  Answer it before Trump shuts it down!

How to Play
ScuttleButton, as you may know, is that weekly waste-of-time exercise where we post a vertical sequence of campaign buttons.  Your job is to take one word (or concept) per button and add ’em up to arrive at a famous name or familiar expression. Guess the correct phrase and you could be the proud winner of the coveted Political Junkie button!

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I Want to be a Captain Too — Anti-FDR button from 1940.

Anna Eshoo for Congress — Democrat from California, first elected in 1992.

Impeach 1/2 of LBJ — The idea here is that the wearer opposes President Johnson’s war policies but supports his domestic agenda.

Men for Women for McGovern Shriver — The 1972 Democratic presidential ticket.

So, when you combine Too + Anna + Half + Men, you kinda get …

Two and a Half Men.  That old Charlie Sheen TV show.

And the randomly selected winner is … Andrew Pester of Charlotte, N.C.  Andrew wins the coveted Political Junkie button.

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