It’s ScuttleButton Time! – 2/13/14

Scuttle 021314Are you snowed in?  I know Edward is Snowden.  But if you can’t get out of the house, why not pass the time by solving this week’s ScuttleButton puzzle?

How to Play
ScuttleButton, as you may know, is that weekly waste of time exercise where we post a vertical sequence of campaign buttons. Your job is to take one word (or concept) per button and add ’em up to arrive at a famous name or familiar expression. Guess the correct phrase and you could be the proud winner of the coveted Political Junkie button!

Good luck!

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I’m for Will Wilson — Wilson (D) finished fourth in the special 1961 Texas Senate race to replace Lyndon Johnson, who was elected vice president the previous year.

We Want Hugh Carey For Mayor/Do You? — Carey, a Brooklyn congressman, made a short-lived bid for mayor of NYC in 1969.  He was elected governor in 1974.

I’m for Beame — Abe Beame, elected mayor of NYC in 1973, unsuccessfully sought a second term four years later.

I Like Ike — Dwight Eisenhower, elected president in 1952 and again in 1956.

Make Mine Val Oshel — An Illinois Republican, he lost to Rep. Kenneth Gray (D) in 1968.

Elect Len Wolf to Congress — Democrat Wolf won in Iowa’s 2nd CD in 1958 but was voted out two years later.

Isn’t It About Time WE Had a President? Dump Nixon — A 1972 anti-Nixon button from the right.

And so, when you add Will + Hugh + Beame + I + Val + Len + Time, you might end up with …

Will You Be My Valentine?  The perfect puzzle for Valentine’s Day.

And the winner, chosen completely at random, is … Leigh Martin of Mendon, Mass.  Leigh gets the coveted Political Junkie button.

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