Sure, there are very few people who can hold a candle to The Political Junkie, Ken Rudin. But we know that there are many people who also consider themselves to be political junkies. Perhaps, even you!

So we want to know… What makes you a political junkie?

Do you enjoy following the back-and-forth nature of politics? Are there particular political issues that you feel strongly about? Are you passionate about public service? Do you love learning political history? Or… are you just a really big fan of our show?

As we count down to our 200th episode, which will air in October, we want to hear from you! Help us celebrate by telling us why you are a political junkie. We will highlight our favorite responses over the next several weeks, and discuss them alongside some of our favorite political junkies on episode #200!

Call Us, Email Us, Tweet Us!

Call Us on our voicemail box, (316) 536-9646, and leave us a message with your answer!

Record Yourself with your phone or computer, and email the recording to [email protected]. Be sure to include your name and city/town!

Tweet Us using the hashtag #ImAPoliticalJunkie to share your answer with us and the world!

Note: By participating, you agree to allow us to share your response on our show as well as on our website, newsletter, and social media.

What Our Fellow Political Junkies Are Saying…

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