Episode #16: GOP Fissures, Texas Primaries, and 1984 Iowa Surprises

Another vote — this time on raising the debt ceiling — and other fissure exposed inside the GOP. Carl Hulse of the New York Times talks to Political Junkie host Ken Rudin about how a majority of Republicans voted against the bill … but secretly wished it would pass.

Then we move to Texas, where Wayne Slater of the Dallas Morning News talks Lone Star State politics, everything from Ted Cruz on the right to Wendy Davis on the left.

We also look back to the Iowa Democratic presidential caucuses of 1984, when outsider Gary Hart capitalized on a second place finish to Walter Mondale to defeating the former vice president eight days later in New Hampshire. Who better than Gary Hart to talk about those days of 30 years ago?


Songe D’Automne (Latché Swing) / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

1 thought on “Episode #16: GOP Fissures, Texas Primaries, and 1984 Iowa Surprises”

  1. lol Gary Hart — “I may be the last of the grassroots organizers in the sense of direct contact with caucus attendees… organize young people, organize those who wanted a change in party leadership, and I had spent an awful lot of time in Iowa, and we got them out on caucus day.”

    Yes, because that’s NEVER been tried since. Nobody in the last 30 years has spent lots of time in Iowa using direct contacts to organize young people and those who want a change in party leadership to get them out on caucus day. Truly, it’s a lost art. I can’t think of anyone who’s even tried to do that recently….

    Still laughing.


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