Episode #99: What a Tangled Webb He Weaves

You may want to stop listening right after you hear Ken’s mom read this week’s trivia question … but there’s so much more!

Stephen Farnsworth of the University of Mary Washington sums up the reasons for Vice President Joe Biden to take himself out of the mix for 2016, and he lists the arguments for Jim Webb — now out of the Democratic contest himself — to consider a presidential run as an independent.

Of course, before we start looking at 2016 there is the small matter of 2015 that needs to be discussed.  Three states are holding gubernatorial elections this year — Louisiana, Kentucky and Mississippi — and Karyn Bruggeman of the Hotline breaks down the races.

Clay Aiken, the American Idol runner-up who made a dab into politics last year by running for Congress in North Carolina, talks about the confluence of politics and celebrity.

And in our “this week in political history” feature, William Ruckelshaus brings us back 42 years this week to the Saturday Night Massacre, when he and Attorney General Elliot Richardson quit the Nixon administration rather than obey an order from the president to fire special Watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox.

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1 thought on “Episode #99: What a Tangled Webb He Weaves”

  1. The real disgrace of when
    commenting on Jim Webb’s candicacy is not to have mentioned that he’s the only candidate with any legitimacy when talking about military matters. As such he would have exposed the the other candidates and debate moderators as pretenders or more aptly as buffoons in this arena. As such it was important most important to get rid of him.


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