Episode #87: Countdown to the Sweet 16 (minus 6)

Less than a week to go before the first Republican debate, where Fox News, the debate host, has decided that only 10 of the 16 declared GOP candidates can participate.  That gives the hopefuls on the bottom rung of the ladder just days to boost their standing.  Steve Yaccino of Bloomberg Politics showcases the field and talks about what the candidates need to do, both in the lead up to the debate, and on the stage, plus where they hope to get a word in edgewise with Donald Trump expected to hog the two-hour program.

Trump, of course, is rich, fearless and prone to say incendiary things.  The same can be said about Ross Perot, the Texas billionaire who ran in 1992 as an independent and took 19 percent of the vote.  Ed Rollins, the longtime Republican strategist who briefly worked for the Perot campaign in ’92, lays out the similarities — and differences — between the men with large wallets and large egos.

And in our “this week in political history” feature, we go back 41 years, to July of 1974, when the House Judiciary Committee took the historic votes to impeach President Richard Nixon for crimes committed during the Watergate scandal.  Elizabeth Holtzman, who at the time was a freshman Democratic member of Congress from Brooklyn, talks about those days and about the scrupulously fair committee chairman, Peter Rodino.

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