Episode #68: Schock, Secret Servers & ’68 What Ifs

Watching Hillary Clinton explain her actions at the United Nations over “E-mailgate,” one had a sense of deja vu … as if we were all transported back to the 1990s when a Clinton — Bill or Hillary — would find him- or herself on the defensive. But is this a lasting scandal or a momentary blip? Jon Allen of Bloomberg News explains how it all plays politically.

Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky has another dilemma: a likely presidential candidate, his Senate seat is also up in 2016. And state law forbids a candidate from running for more than one office at a time. Paul, with acquiescence from Mitch McConnell, his fellow Kentuckian, is hoping to solve this by moving the presidential primary from May — the same day as the Senate primary — to March, and making it a caucus. But, as Al Cross, a columnist with the Louisville Courier Journal, points out, it’s not a done deal.

One politician from nearby Tennessee is under siege but has no way of defending himself. Andrew Jackson, the nation’s seventh president, finds his standing on the twenty dollar bill in jeopardy. An opponent of paper money and one who spent a great part of his career battling Native Americans, Jackson is the subject of a movement by an organization who hope to replace him on the 20 with a woman by the year 2020. Barbara Ortiz Howard and Molly Murphy MacGregor are part of “Women on 20s,” and want you to vote on whose face will grace the 20.

Finally, our “this week in political history” feature goes back to March 1968, when Sen. Robert F. Kennedy dramatically entered the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. Kennedy’s move came just four days after President Lyndon Johnson won the New Hampshire primary by a much smaller margin than expected over Eugene McCarthy, who got into the race when Kennedy wouldn’t. Sacramento State University professor Joseph Palermo, the author of several Kennedy biographies, and Jim Santel, senior writer at Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, weigh in on the hope and promise of RFK’s short candidacy.

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  1. I think everyone has ‘Bush, and Clinton” fatigue. I don’t think HIllary has the ability to be a president. Obviously, the Democrats are trying to give us the spotlight of voting for the” first Woman President.” I think Hillary would be another tragic mistake similar to Obama’s lack of ability to be a leader. Hillary’s track record is 0 to 0 with no known successes at anything except continuing to cover up for her own stupid mistakes. She is such a liar, I wouldn’t believe a thing she ever said.


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