Episode #409: Swift Paranoia Taylor-Made For MAGA

Yale Prof. Kathryn Lofton explores the whole Taylor Swift rumor mill lunacy and explains the pitfalls celebrities encounter as they decide whether to use their fame for political ends.

And Spectrum News New York political director Bob Hardt dissects the upcoming race to succeed George Santos in New York’s Third Congressional District.

PLUS:  The House GOP effort to impeach Alejandro Mayorkas blows up in Speaker Mike Jobnson’s face.  And a federal appeals court unanimously rejects Donald Trump’s argument that he is immune from prosecution for actions he took as president.

Taylor Swift button designed by SmithDigital.

Music in this episode:

409 by the Beach Boys

The Winner Takes It All by November Ultra

High Hopes by Frank Sinatra

Harding, You’re the Man by Al Jolson

Anti Hero by Taylor Swift

A Life of Illusion by Joe Walsh


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