Episode #406: Farewell To The Trailblazers

Jonathan Alter, author of a great biography about Jimmy Carter, talks about the significant role played during his life by Rosalynn Carter, his life partner and first lady, who died last month at 93.

We replayed a 2019 interview with Evan Thomas, the author of a biography of Sandra Day O’Connor, the nation’s first female Supreme Court justice, who died on December 1st.

And we heard about a fascinating podcast from WOSU’s Renee Fox, who in her series talks about the biggest political scandal in Ohio history, the fall and imprisonment of former state House Speaker Larry Householder.

PLUS:  George Santos gets the boot, Doug Burgum shakes up the presidential race, Joe Manchin is ready for more trouble, and Patrick McHenry quits Congress with a surprising give me retirement or give me death message.

Music in this episode: 

Out and In by the Moody Blues

This Guy’s In Love With You by Herb Alpert

Shallow by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga

Mr. Bad Example by Warren Zevon


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