Episode #386: Testing The Leadership’s Patience

Journalist Tom Fiedler reports on the latest antic of freshman Rep. Madison Cawthorn, a North Carolina Republican with a history of embellishing stories and staying in the news and who may have gone too far by suggesting that some of his fellow Republicans may have partaken in sex orgies and cocaine snorting.  Despite Donald Trump’s endorsement, he faces a tough fight in the May 17 primary.

Jacob Rubashkin of Inside Elections focuses on the battle for control of the Senate, which is currently deadlocked at 50-50.  A win for Republicans would effectively end the Biden agenda for the remainder of his term.

And Jane Hall, a communications professor at American University, is the author of a new book: “Politics and the Media: Intersections and New Directions.”  And she suggests that Trump and Fox News may be irreparably harming Americans’ faith in the media.

Music in this episode:

Sara Smile by Hall & Oates

I Predict by Sparks

Cocaine by Eric Clapton

Gimme Some Truth by Pearl Jam


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