Episode #361: Sexual Harassment, As Seen By The Two Parties

We all agree that sexual harassment is bad, regardless of who is the accused.  The allegations against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, look bad.  The allegations against North Carolina congressman Madison Cawthorn, a Republican, look bad.  We have reports on the two by Chris Churchill, a political columnist at the Albany Times-Union, and Tom Fiedler, a journalist from Asheville, N.C.  Neither politician comes out looking especially good.  But a sidebar to these stories is that such allegations leveled against a Democrat will result in far more severe punishment by his own party than they would if the allegations were made against a Republican.  Some Dems are calling for Cuomo’s resignation; Cawthorn is continually heralded as a rising star.  In addition to the two situations, we ponder why the two parties see it differently.

We also have a report on the goings on last weekend at CPAC by Tim Denevi, who retells some of the craziness at the event, sizes up potential 2024 presidential hopefuls and, most significantly, assesses Donald Trump’s first major appearance since he left the White House.

Music in this episode

It Wasn’t Me by Chuck Berry

Hero Takes a Fall by the Bangles

Somebody to Love by Jefferson Airplane

They’re Coming to Take Me Away by Napolean XIV


2 thoughts on “Episode #361: Sexual Harassment, As Seen By The Two Parties”

  1. This episode is a hit job on a horrific injury of a republican and is reason I will be unsubscribing. I’m sad because I thought you have been pretty fair to both sides. Unfortunately their aren’t any great podcast for a center right person.

  2. Mueller listed at least TEN cases of Trump’s obstruction of justice in his heavily abridged report published by Barr. Why are the democrats and the media so easily forgetful? Trump and his trumpists want to make us talk about everything and anything but Trump’s utter failures and criminal behavior. Please don’t fall for it. Otherwise, 2024 might be much worse than 2016. Thanks!


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