Episode #360: Is Biden Neera Defeat?

Will a history of snarky tweets doom Joe Biden’s nominee for budget director?  Republicans who have tolerated and ignored Donald Trump’s daily outbursts are saying that the posts by Neera Tanden have made her an unacceptable person to head up the OMB.

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the Trump vote to impeach and then convict, we talk to three journalists about the political consequences:  Liz Ruskin of Alaska Public Media on Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Bob Beck of Wyoming Public Radio on Rep. Liz Cheney, and Jeff Tiberii of North Carolina Public Radio on the retiring Sen. Richard Burr and the fight for his seat.

Music in this week’s podcas

Black by Sarah McLachlan

Dick Cheney by Roy Zimmerman

George Murphy by Tom Lehrer

I Said Brr, It’s Cold in Here by Clovers/East Compton


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