Episode #355: The Electoral College vs. Trump University

The Electoral College had its constitutional say this week, and it ratified the November vote:  Joe Biden 306, President Trump 232.  No dissenters, no “faithless electors.”  This compares to the 2016 election, when two electors broke from Trump and five broke from Hillary Clinton.  Emily Conrad, author of the new book, “The Faithless: The Untold Story of the Electoral College,” spoke to several of the 2016 faithless and explains why they broke from their parties’ nominees.

And we delve into the archives for our 2016 conversation with Mike Padden, a 1976 Jerry Ford elector in Washington who decided to vote for Ronald Reagan and explains why.

Music in this episode

The Plot Against America opening theme (HBO)

I’m Not Running Away by Feist

Come A Little Bit Closer by Jay & the Americans

Change Your Mind by Sister Hazel

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