Episode #347: More White House Obfuscations Of The Truth

For many, it’s more anger than sadness to learn that President Trump has contracted Covid-19, given his long campaign of mocking and belittling those who wear masks and underplaying the severity of the virus.  Also distressing is the fact that the White House has not exactly been transparent in disclosing the timeline and severity of Trump’s illness … following a long tradition of shading the truth when it comes to a president’s health.

And then, with Mike Pence and Kamala Harris set to square off on Wednesday, we go through some of the greatest hits of VP debates in history.

An earlier version of this post had an invalid audio file – this has been corrected.

2 thoughts on “Episode #347: More White House Obfuscations Of The Truth”

  1. Great podcast, Ken. Like you, it really is hard not to feel anger when learning of Trump’s covid diagnoses, and how he is trying to use this as a springboard for furthering his claims that covid is nothing to fear. Because of his reckless actions, it really does beg the question: why should the American people trust Trump to help them overcome the virus when he and his administration show no care for their own health? It really is pathetic that the act of not wearing a mask – the simplest way to fight the spread of the virus – is something Trump has politicized and used as ammunition against Biden. It is hard to say how all this will shake out for Trump, especially because his great popularity comes from being so brash, but how will that work when said brashness has worsened America’s covid numbers astronomically?

    This election is really coming down to the wire, and the only real solution is voting up and down the ticket. If there is a silver lining to all this, at least it is that voting by mail has become a possibility for all Americans, despite Trump’s attempts to undermine its validity. If anyone needs to check their vote by mail status, I found this extremely easy tool to do so https://my.voteplus10.org/t/r9tGPKAxGaKzE7damHie?


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