Episode #298: The Perils of Voting to Impeach

Democrats who are skittish about an impeachment inquiry into President Trump’s conduct often point to what happened in 1998, when the Republican House voted to impeach President Clinton … and paid the price on Election Day.  James Rogan, a GOP House member from California who was one of the Impeachment Managers, survived the ’98 midterms but angry Democrats never gave up the fight and ousted him two years later — with a state senator named Adam Schiff.  Rogan recalls those tough days and how he knew that voting his conscience would likely cost him his seat.

There’s another Democratic candidate debate next week, and this one comes at a crucial time for some of the candidates.  Bernie Sanders is recovering from a heart attack, Joe Biden and his son are being attacked constantly by Trump, and Tom Steyer will find out if his longtime push for impeachment is any different than what the other candidates are now saying.  Janet Hook of the Los Angeles Times tells us what to look for.

And it was 20 years ago this week when Donald Trump decided to quit the Republican Party and form an exploratory committee regarding seeking the presidential nomination of the Reform Party.  Running as a pro-choice centrist, Trump quit the GOP because it had moved too far to the right.  We review his comments from that time.

Music used in this podcast:

Gary, Indiana by Robert Preston

Against All Odds by Phil Collins

L.A Woman by The Doors

Spinning Wheel by Blood, Sweat & Tears

There’s No Business Like Show Business by Mary Hopkin

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