Episode #295: Cokie

The strikes against Joe Biden keep piling up, as do the attacks from some of his rivals.  But as Dave Weigel of the Washington Post points out, he’s still atop the pack.  Meanwhile, there’s still another four and a half months before voters have their say.

The commercial only ran once.  But as author Bob Mann notes, the so-called “Daisy ad” that was produced for President Lyndon Johnson’s campaign to be run against GOP rival Barry Goldwater has become one of the most infamous negative ads of all time.

And we remember the great and wonderful journalist Cokie Roberts, who died this week of breast cancer.  We are replaying an interview we did with her nearly six years ago following the death of her mom, Congresswoman Lindy Boggs.

Music used in this podcast:

Question by The Moody Blues

It’s The Same Old Song by The Four Tops

Major Tom by Peter Schilling

Faithless Love by Linda Ronstadt

Good Night by The Beatles

4 thoughts on “Episode #295: Cokie”

  1. Enjoyed this very much. I miss you being on Insight in Sacramento CA. Don’t know what happened. Glad at least that I found the podcast. Joan Montesano, Sonora CA

  2. I’m trying to identify some music you played with this piece. It sounds like the Moody Blues, but it’s not the Moody Blues Question title that’s listed here. It’s at 42:36 and start’s with the words “Four, Three, Two, One”. Could you check and see if you may have misidentified it. Thanks…

    • John, in that Episode #295, the Moody Blues song (“Question”) came after the trivia question. The “Four three two one” song is “Major Tom” by Peter Schilling, and it came after the segment about the anti-Goldwater “Daisy ad.”


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