Episode #289: Guns, Hate, and Inaction

The horrific acts of gun violence in El Paso and Dayton sound awfully familiar, and so has been the political reaction.  As for the argument that this is more a mental health issue than a gun issue, Jillian Peterson, a psychology professor at Hamline University, talks about the mindset of those who commit gun crimes.

It’s maddening enough for Americans to try and get our hands around the issues of guns and the large Democratic presidential field.  We thought we’d reach out to a Danish political analyst, Mette Nohr Claushoj, to take the political temperature in Copenhagen.

And with four Republican House members from Texas retiring next year, some Democrats feel they have a shot to make further inroads in the state’s congressional delegation.  Abby Livingston of the Texas Tribune tells us what’s at stake.

Music used in this podcast:

Sick Of It by The Primitives

Stop Children What’s That Sound by Buffalo Springfield

Gå Med Dig by Nephew

No Holds Barred theme from the World Wrestling Federation (WWF)

You’ve Got A Habit Of Leaving by Davy Jones (David Bowie)

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  1. so funny, i actually said out loud about the last song (using my best old church lady voice), “oh that’s just awful.” only to realize it’s by one of my all-time favorite artists!!!


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