Episode #266: A Cancer on the Presidency?

Aaron Blake of the Washington Post analyzes Wednesday’s intense day of Michael Cohen testifying before the House Government Oversight Committee, a day where the partisan divisions over President Trump — and thus Cohen’s credibility — were apparent.

With Beto O’Rourke possibly about to launch a bid for the White House, Abby Livingston of the Texas Tribune talks about his appeal and how his campaign abilities could play in the retail politics states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

And we go back 68 years, to the ratification of the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution that limits the president to two terms.  David Crockett of Trinity University notes that while the amendment was basically a Republican slap at FDR, who was already dead, GOP presidents such as Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan were affected the most.

Photo via Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

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1 thought on “Episode #266: A Cancer on the Presidency?”

  1. More like this Presidency is a cancer on the nation.

    When the Trumplicans carry on about Cohen being a liar, I’d like to hear them answer two questions:

    (1) Have you checked the latest lie count (over 8,000 since Inauguration Day) for the guy whom you support?

    (2) What part of what Cohen says is not believable?

    The Trumplicans must play the Cohen-can’t-be-trusted card as hard as they can now, because, if he tells the Democrats where to dig and they find something that stands on its own, Cohen’s honesty will cease to be an issue. That is their real fear.


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