Episode #256: Where There’s Smock, There’s Firings

The sentencing of Trump fixer Michael Cohen and the conclusions drawn by prosecutors about Paul Manafort have put the president closer to legal peril than ever before.  Alex Whiting of Harvard Law School explores Robert Mueller’s strategy and what constitutes criminal actions … and what may be impeachable.

Mary Spicuzza of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel lays out the actions taken by Wisconsin’s Republican legislature, designed to curtail the powers of the state’s newly elected Democratic governor and attorney general, and wonders if their so-called “power grab” could backfire on the GOP.

It’s even worse in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District, where Republican Mark Harris’ apparent election victory may be tossed out because of the potential deliberate mishandling of absentee ballots that gave Harris the win.  Ely Portillo of the Charlotte Observer says the likely result is a new election.

And with President Trump once again firing a chief of staff, Chris Whipple, author of the definitive book about chiefs of staff, opines that John Kelly failed to do what he was hired to do.  But Chris also wonders if anybody could possibly be a chief of staff in a Trump White House.

Official Department of Homeland Security photo by Jetta Disco via flickr

Music used in this podcast:

D-Day by Nat King Cole

Somebody to Love by Jefferson Airplane

I’d Lie For You (And That’s The Truth) by Meat Loaf

Lips Like Sugar by Echo & the Bunnymen

The Leader of the Pack by The Shangri-Las

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