Episode #251: Not a Blue Wave, But a Purple Rain

It’s finally over.  The 2018 midterms, with all its rancor and charges and bitterness, are over.  But if it’s a referendum on President Trump, what’s the message if the Democrats did great in the House and the Republicans did great in the Senate?  NPR’s Ron Elving has the answers.

And we also hear from two former members of Congress, one Republican and one Democrat, both of whom have great insight.  Bob Livingston, a Louisiana Republican who once headed the Appropriations Committee, says that the elections were a mixed bag but should now lead to the two parties working together.  Vic Fazio, a California Democrat who once led the DCCC, says that focusing on impeachment would be a big mistake for his party, and suggests other issues should be paramount now that they have retaken the majority in the House.

Music used in this podcast:

Goodbye by Mary Hopkin

I Want to Break Free by Queen

Dr. Livingstone, I Presume by The Moody Blues

Tale As Old As Time from Beauty and the Beast

Power and the Passion by Midnight Oil

1 thought on “Episode #251: Not a Blue Wave, But a Purple Rain”

  1. Bob Livingston says that the attacks and obstructions on Obama were not personal? How does he define personal? What planet was he on from 2008 to 2016? Geez! Then there was his funny comments about Republicans willing to work with the Democrats on America’s agenda or something like that was interesting from a Republican. What taxes did Obama increase, by the way? Obama didn’t repeal the Bush tax cuts as I recall while Rs were going on about deficits. Bob is like the Jimmy Dore of the right.


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