Episode #242: Senator, Maverick, Patriot

We remember the life, career, and legacy of John McCain, the Arizona Republican senator who died last Saturday at the age of 81.  We speak with four people who knew him well:

Mike Murphy was McCain’s chief strategist during his bid for the GOP presidential nomination in 2000.

Alan Simpson, the Wyoming Republican served together with McCain in the Senate for ten years and became his close friend.

Carl Hulse, the chief Washington correspondent for the New York Times, covered John McCain daily.

And Dan Nowicki, the political reporter for the Arizona Republic who also covered McCain for years, offers up some potential successors to the late senator.

Music used in this podcast:

Goodnight Saigon by Billy Joel

Not To Touch The Earth by The Doors

Expecting to Fly by Buffalo Springfield

For What It’s Worth by Buffalo Springfield

Something Just Like This… With a LISP! by Steve Terreberry

When The Battle Is Over by Delaney & Bonnie

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