Episode #235: Reshaping The Court … Again

The announcement by Anthony Kennedy, the crucial “swing” justice on the U.S. Supreme Court, that is retiring has sent shock waves through both parties.  And the battle to confirm President Trump’s nominee to succeed him will certainly consume the 2018 midterm elections.  Court blogger Amy Howe talks about Kennedy’s influence, the list of potential successors, and the meaning of the Court’s recent 5-4 decision approving of Trump’s restrictive policy regarding immigrants from certain Muslim countries.

The other shock wave this week was the defeat on Tuesday in New York’s 14th District.  Congressman Joe Crowley, a ten-term Democrat with eyes on the speakership, was upset by a 28-year old political neophyte named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Nathan Gonzales of Inside Elections explains what happened.

A new study shows diminishing optimism for democracy in the U.S.  Lindsay Lloyd of the George W. Bush Institute discusses the study’s findings and what is going on in America that has led to increasing skepticism.

And NPR’s Mara Liasson remembers Charles Krauthammer, the conservative commentator, and columnist, whom she appeared with for years on Fox News.  Krauthammer died last week of cancer at age 68.

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Music used in this podcast:

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