Episode #234: Zero Tolerance

Faced with a losing political argument on “zero tolerance” and the separation of children from the parents who enter the U.S. illegally, President Trump signed an executive order that basically ended his own Administration’s policy — even though he had all along been blaming the Democrats for it.  Veteran Republican strategist and pollster Whit Ayres talks about how the issue may be affecting the GOP.

The Supreme Court basically punted on the issue of partisan redistricting this week.  Robert Barnes of the Washington Post says that while Democrats had high hopes for a court decision knocking down the gerrymandering of Wisconsin Assembly districts, the issue has yet to be decided.  But it’s unlikely that whatever SCOTUS rules on redistricting, it will be in time to alter the lines for the November midterms.

A congressional battle on Staten Island is less about redistricting and more about ambition, loyalty and betrayal.  Michael Grimm, who was forced to resign from Congress in 2014 after his conviction on tax evasion and other charges and who went to prison for seven months, wants his old job back.  And he is challenging his fellow Republican who succeeded him:  Dan Donovan.  Roll Call’s Bridget Bowman is following the race.

Finally, it was 15 years ago this week that Howard Dean launched his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.  Dean recalls the campaign and assesses its highs and lows.

Photo via Wikimedia

Music used in this podcast:

Creep by Radiohead

Save the Life of My Child by Simon & Garfunkel

Counting Out Time by Genesis

Heroes and Villains by The Beach Boys

A Horse With No Name by America

I Want to Take You Higher by Sly & The Family Stone

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